The Ascension Church, Haywards Heath

Freely you have received, freely give




When the old church hall passed it's "about to fall down date" the Church took the bold decision not to re-build but to lease the land to a new business at a pepper-corn rate who would build a facility for the local population.  The Ashenground Community Centre (ACC) opened in September 2007 and is an independent business operating for the benefit of the whole community.  Rooms and facilities are available to hire at competitive rates and there is a range of events and activities happening all year round.  If you would like to find out more then visit the ACC website or contact the Centre Manager, Sue Neatherway on 01444 447050. 



The Ascension holds a series of Community Events during the year which are partly about fundraising but mostly about having a good time, sharing fellowship with each other and providing an opportunity to be part of the wider community.   For up to date information see the active diary of the Church Life page.




The local Church of England Primary School is St Wilfrid's in Eastern Road, Haywards Heath.  If you and your child worship regularly at the Ascension for a year or more we are happy to write a letter of recommendation for school entry.

We are also very happy to support school entry into any other school with a letter of recommendation for regular attenders.



As a church we want to Make A Difference in the world around us.  The main way we do this is to encourage individual or small groups of Christians to be as Christ in the places where they live their lives seven days a week, whether that is in their work places, sports or social clubs, volunteer organisation, or simply in being out and about in the ordinary stuff of life.  We can all Make A Difference by bringing Christ into all the places we go.

In addition to this, however, as a church we support three key enterprises where we believe God has led us to make a BIG difference.

Family Support Work
The Family Support Work Charity is a Chichester Diocese Association which seeks to help hurt and broken families in the area.  There are many ways to help including giving, fundraising and collection of goods for food-parcels.  See their website for more details.

Lewes Prison Ministry
We support ministry to Lewes prison in a variety of ways, through regular prayer, visiting, mentoring and Angel Tree through which we buy Christmas gifts for the children of prisoners.  For more information, their website link is

Supporting Kids in Peru (SKIP)
Starting with a link to SKIP via a member of the congregation, we've now developed very good contact to this charity which seeks to make a difference to some of the poorest in the world and where a little money goes a long way.